Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thanks Tony

Hi Tony. Thanks for everything you did at Stoke. Your saved our club and I'm often told how much other fans respect us for thriving in the Premiership. But for me the lasting memory will be how you made sure I got to sing - and cry - through "Abide With Me"; one of the moments of my life. Thank you Tony and good luck for the future. Steve - and a family of Stokies. Good luck in the future. 

Message from Tony Pulis 
Message from Smudge 
15 May 2011 - Down's Syndrome and the Cup Final 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Paul Ware dies

Paul Ware was a tremendous footballer. 

I saw him score and absolute schorcher at Reading in 1992; smacked it hard on the volley from the edge of the area and it curled under the bar and into the net. A great, hard-working Stoke player who gave it his all. Before the kids arrived, my brother-in-law- and I used to go to considerably more games. And Paul Ware was always there. Terrible news about his death and I know that many Stoke fans will be saying similar things. Thoughts go out to his family. One of the truly great Stoke players I've been lucky enough to see.