Thursday, 30 January 2014

Charlie Gillett, my loft and those C90 cassettes

Last weekend I climbed into the loft to dig out some old "best of" tapes...and to remember how Charlie Gillett's music was the backdrop to amazing memories (c) September 1988 to November 1990. 

Charlie Gillett
Charlie's show was called "A World of Difference" and it's amazing to think that Capital Radio let him get away with it. These days, most stations stick to their defined playlists. I wasn't too impressed by the term "World Music" as I was mainly interested in the stuff from Africa and South America, and some of the songs I've rediscovered in the last week have brought back fantastic memories. Here, you can read my tribute to Charlie when he died almost four years ago. 

So, to those "best of" tapes. I've put together a Spotify playlist, which is made up of songs that were played on the show during the dates above, or songs by the same or similar artists. 

And for the really obscure tracks, I've put together a YouTube playlist. But I couldn't find everything on You Tube and so, I've created some You Tube entries, taken from the "best of" tapes from Charlie's show. That means the quality is radio to cassette to cassette - then 25 years' sitting about - then pushed through digital recordings. 

Great to hear it all again. Thanks Charlie, many times over. 

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